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Dance Lesson Reviews
Yelp (2015)

Every bride and groom dance at their wedding reception. Our goal is to help you feel comfortable and look natural while doing so! We have enjoyed helping all of our couples and look forward to helping you and your fiance too. Please take a moment to see what our brides and grooms are saying about their Wedding First Dance experience with us here at Orange County Wedding Dance.

Alex E
Fullerton, CA
December 14, 2015

"I'll keep this short and sweet. My wife and I worked with Joe and Sarah, and as everyone else has said, they were phenomenal. We only were able to do 2 sessions, but they were able to choreograph everything and teach us the moves in just 2 sessions.  We would have done more but ran out of time, but we still got tons of compliments and people thought we had to have done way more lessons than we did. If I could go back, I would 100% use them again. Also, after working with them it actually would probably be a pretty fun date night too..."

Loc N
Santa Ana, CA
November 11, 2015

"With my busy work schedule, I could barely find any time to take the dance lessons with my fiancée. But Joe was very kind with the hours to make it work for us. At the studio, we were introduced to Sara. Before we even started any moves, she carefully documented all the questionnaires regarding not just our outfits but also the venue. It took me by surprise that she knew our wedding venue extremely well, from the entrance to the size of the dance floor. Sara is very knowledgeable and wonderful to learn from. She carefully listened to the lyrics of the song to make it more personal to us as the couple. She didn't just throw the moves out and expected us to follow. Instead, she gave us many options and guided us throughout the process. Joe and Sara made these lessons fun and enjoyable. And that alone helped dialing down some of the daily stress and craziness. I highly recommend you seeking out Joe and Sara for your dancing lessons, and it doesn't have to be your wedding first dance."

Chloe Q
Santa Ana, CA
November 10, 2015

"Joe was very accommodating when I first contacted him. He welcomed us to come in for the initial consultation. Here, we met Sara. Sara was very thorough during our consultation. She asked very detailed questions to not just the shoes, but my hair, my dress, etc., and the same went for my fiancé. She kindly reminded my fiancé to watch my hair with the twirl, which I really appreciated; the guy would have never thought about that. Hahaha. Taking the dance lessons with Sara is the only non-stress wedding activity that I've encountered. Joe and Sara are not just professional but also very wonderful people who genuinely would go out of their ways to help you get to goal. Thank you."

Darek C
Irvine, CA
October 21, 2015

"I'm not a "writes a review for everything" kind of guy. In fact, this may well be the first review I've ever written. Typically I can't be bothered because if they did a good job, well, that's the company/service's job, right?

That said, I cannot say enough good things about me and my (new) wife's experiences with Joe and Sarah at Orange County Wedding Dance Studios. Both Joe and Sarah are phenomenal dancers in their own right, but what really makes the experience amazing is their teaching style. I'm not very coordinated on the dance floor, but in less than three month, Joe and Sarah made me and my wife look like we've been dancing for years. From introductory dance basics to custom dance choreography, Joe and Sarah are encyclopedias of dance.

Additionally, Joe and Sarah where every flexible with our dance lesson schedule, especially when I needed to be out of town for work. We simply just added a second lesson on the following week. As the big day approached, they allowed us to move up to a twice-weekly schedule that really paid off in our first dance. They use positive reinforcement and a light touch to make learning to dance easy and fun.

If you are looking for someone to teach you and your partner to dance, you can do no better than Joe and Sarah at Orange County Wedding Dance Studios. They are the very best OC has to offer."

Charlene H
Tustin, CA
October 6, 2015

"20 Stars!

Joe & Sara are the PERFECT instructors. They absolutely love what they do and it really shows. We worked with them for about 3 months prior to our wedding. We did two dances with them. Our first dance was to Thinking Out Loud and an encore dance to Uptown Funk. It became our weekly "date night". They have a unique ability to take your skills and combine them with some fun and creative dance moves. Sara is very patient and helps break down the steps to help you learn them and make them look smooth. They are very interactive during your rehearsal time to make sure you like the dance you are doing and are comfortable with the style. They are friendly, outgoing and lots of fun to work with. We enjoyed our time with them so much we invited them to our wedding. We would recommend them to any couple that wants to put that special touch on their first dance."

Tomo Y
Garden Grove, CA
September 18, 2015

"We are taking a Waltz and Salsa lesson for our first dance for our wedding. Joe and Sara are very patient and supportive while we are struggling to learn the steps. We love the choreography and they consider the details of the movement like which step looks smoother, which way we should face when we pause, etc.

On top of that, they are super friendly and easy to talk to. They ask for your opinion with choreography making sure that you feel comfortable with each move. So don't worry about any overwhelming choreography!

Another thing I like about them is that they helped us choose a song. When we got there the first time, we didn't have any song in mind. As soon as she found out I'm Japanese, Sara suggested one Japanese song from a famous movie and we loved it! Instead of spending hours to decide the song, they made the process very easy.

We cannot wait for upcoming lessons!"

Tyson F
Garden Grove, CA
September 14, 2015

"5 stars hands down! Joe and Sara helped us feel confident preparing for our first dance.  Not only are they extremely professional, but they are so nice and genuinely interested in our success.  Who thought we would make two new friends in the process!"

Seth E
Garden Grove, CA
September 11, 2015

"When we first decided that we wanted to take lessons for our wedding dance, we were very concerned about the quality and level of understanding of our dance instructors. After an exhaustive search, we finally decided to try out Orange County Wedding Dance. Immediately when we arrived, we were warmly greeted by Sara and Joe and right away we felt comfortable. By the time we finished our first session, we knew they were perfect.  Both Sara and Joe listened to the ideas we had for our first dance, and they immediately helped us find the perfect songs. The next session, Sara amazed us with the perfect choreography and taught us many dance moves. We've only had three sessions so far, but we already feel like we'll have the most amazing first dance ever at our reception. Thank you Sara and Joe so much!"

Katie N
Long Beach, CA
August 26, 2015

"Joe and Sara are awesome! Their schedule is super flexible and their rates are very affordable. They were able to show us a ton of useful steps and moves for our first dance. My fiance and I had never slow-danced together and they were super patient. I highly recommend them."

Tony S
Irvine, CA
August 21, 2015

"If you are looking for a dance instructor or more specifically dance instruction for your first wedding dance, look no further! Joe and Sara are 2 very kind and thoughtful people that really care about each and every one of their clients. They are very thorough and understanding and will pay attention to all the details to make sure that you are ready for your big day! They are patient and fun to work with. They treat each client as if they are their most important client. They are very easy to communicate with and have very flexible hours so its easy to talk to them and schedule an appt anytime. And they will come up with a specific dance package to fit your schedule and budget! For those of you worried about making sure you have the right dance steps, they will take care of that for you and put your mind at ease. But just as important, Joe and Sara are very thoughtful, kind, and caring. They are the type of people you hope to work with. We got soo many compliments on our first dance! If you are getting married, you probably are having headaches finding all your vendors so put your mind at ease, and hire Joe and Sara immediately. You will have no regrets!!" [Updated from 07/08]

Christina C
Los Angeles, CA
July 27, 2015

"Joe and Sara are amazing.

I called a bunch of dance instructors that I found on Yelp, and they were the only ones who didn't try to pressure me over the phone to buy dance packages up front. They listened to what I was looking for and then said that they thought I probably only needed an introductory lesson and possibly one additional lesson (since I was just looking to learn some basic moves for my wedding). My husband and I ended up taking one intro lesson and 2 additional lessons, and Joe not only choreographed a simple dance routine for us, but he also edited our song to be the perfect length!  Despite the fact that my husband has two left feet, Joe and Sara were very patient and made learning very easy. Our dance routine turned out perfectly on the day of our wedding all thanks to Joe and Sara!!"

Neema D
Los Angeles, CA
July 9, 2015

"Right from the first lesson Joe made us feel confident and comfortable dancing. I don't really have any dance experience but Joe made me feel like a born natural! Looking forward to more lessons with them."

Tony S
Irvine, CA
July 8, 2015

"Joe and Sara are the best! My fiance and I were in need of some help for our first dance. We gave Joe a call and he was very nice and easy to work with. When we met them, they were very thorough with the entire process noting all the details of our wedding. They are very experienced and checked with my fiance on what type of dress, shoes, floors we would be dancing on etc etc. They are very reasonable with their pricing and very flexible to work with. They will come up with a specific dance package that will meet your schedule and budget!! Great teachers and very serious about their business. They will not waste your time. Highly recommend!!"

Mahta S
Laguna Hills, CA
July 8, 2015

"My fiance and I have been taking dance lessons with Joe for a few weeks now and we've learned so much already. Joe is helping us coordinate our first dance, for our wedding. He has been very patient, and has taught us steps that we can practice at home. I look forward to dancing our first dance with confidence. Thank you Joe!"

Jason L
Chino Hills, CA
July 6, 2015

"We don't have any dance experiences. but we learned a lot and it seems easy to us because Joe is the best."

Cynthia L
Covina, CA
July 6, 2015

"I'm so glad we decided to meet with Joe and Sara. On our first meeting, they are so friendly, patient and thorough. They asked some questions that me and my fiancé had never thought about before regarding the wedding day. Joe easily found out what was the best way to teach us and made the learning so easy and fun! My fiancé was very nervous before going to the dance lesson but now he can not wait for our next lesson! Thank you, Joe and Sara!"

Erika R
Riverside, CA
June 27, 2015

"My fiance and I have been taking dance lessons with Joe for a few weeks now and we've learned so much already. Joe is helping us coordinate our first dance, for our wedding. He has been very patient, and has taught us steps that we can practice at home. I look forward to dancing our first dance with confidence. Thank you Joe!"

Jonathan S
Irvine, CA
June 23, 2015

"I can say without any uncertainty that Joe and Sara are the absolute best.  One of our goals was to perform a dance that all of our guests would remember--a tall order since I had almost no dance experience to speak of!

We started our dance lessons nine months in advance, earlier than most couples, but we wanted to get as much practice in as possible. We started with very basic moves that became increasingly complex over time yet at a pace that we were able to handle.

Because we started so early, my talented fiancee (a far better dancer than myself) was able to choreograph an elaborate routine with plenty of time to spare before our wedding. Many of our lessons were about learning, feeling out, and substituting different types of steps into what we had put together. Even though we ended up throwing a lot of things out, attempting and practicing a different variety of moves definitely made me a better dancer in general.

One thing in particular that helped me was Sara using my phone to take video of our dance lessons. Sometimes it's difficult, in the moment, to tell exactly what you could be doing better. By watching recordings in my free time, it was much easier to fix things I was doing that didn't quite look right. We were also able to hold a lesson at the venue itself, which gave us a good idea of spacing and made us more comfortable dancing in the actual environment.

On our wedding night, we danced to a three song medley that incorporated several different genres and tempos. It was a difficult routine that involved lifts, spins in the air, dips, twirls, running around, and waltz steps. I'm happy to say that our dance surprised and wowed the crowd, and it was definitely the highlight of a wedding that went perfectly in almost every way.

Joe and Sara are amazing teachers who went out of their way to help us so much. I'd easily recommend them to anyone."

JoJo W
Chino Hills, CA
June 18, 2015

"Joe and Sarah are very professional and nice. When we first met them, we haven't decided our first-dance song. They actually showed us different steps for each song to give us an idea. We were very impressed and knew it right away. Highly recommend for couples who need helps with their first dance."

Marty A
Lakewood, CA
June 8, 2015

"My fiancée and I had an initial visit and lesson with Joe and felt very comfortable. Joe is very patient with beginners and made it fun"

Kristen P
Alexandria, VA
May 31, 2015

"Sara and Joe are amazing! My fiancé and I have been taking lessons for only a couple of weeks and have already learned so much! My fiancé was nervous about dancing in front of friends and family, but during our lesson, he feels so confident! We're having so much fun and both look forward to each lesson among the crazy wedding prep! I know our first dance will be amazing with some custom choreo by Joe and a little surprise twist! ;)"

Allen P
La Mirada, CA
May 31, 2015

"Joe and Sara are extremely nice and professional. Joe is extremely helpful and has been great! These dance lessons have helped me be more comfortable and confident with dancing."

Lin A
Irvine,A CA
May 26, 2015

"This is a review that is long over due. We started our lessons in February which was the perfect amount of time for us for our April wedding. We wanted to make sure that we had enough time to learn the steps for the waltz. Joe and Sara taught us the basic box steps and then introduced more intricate turns and routines as we got more comfortable.

Suffice it to say that Joe and Sara will not give you steps that are too complicated for your skill level. They will work with you to make you and your partner look like you've been dancing for a long time.

Learning how to dance can be a little stressful, but Joe and Sara makes it fun!"

Erika C
Corona, CA
May 5, 2015

"My husband and I will be missing dance lessons with Sara and Joe. It was a pleasure having them teach our two dances for our wedding. They had so much patience from teaching us how to dance, but as well as scheduling issues. What I loved about taking dance lessons with Sara and Joe is that it wasn't just about learning how to dance it was also about learning things you would never know about yourself and each other. I would recommend them to newly engaged couples as well as couples who have been married for awhile what a great way to bring spice back into the marriage!"

Eric S
Santa Ana, CA
April 29, 2015

"My fiancé wanted to make our wedding dance special, so we wanted to get professional help. She found Joe and Sara thru yelp and they have been phenomenal. I took some ballroom over 10 years ago in college, so I was completely rusty. We wanted to choreograph a slow dance and a surprise dance. The slow dance is a mixture of rumba with some highlight moves on the chorus.  The surprise dance will be 8 count hustle. My fiancé has always had the rhythm but never really knew how to follow. My lead was rusty. We have had only 4 classes so far (45 minutes each), and we have 3 months left before the big day, but I feel our progress is OUTSTANDING and it's all due to Sara and Joe. You can learn a lot in 45 minutes ! We have spent a lot of time on learning the steps and we started from the very beginning. We add to it each time and review what we already went over. The speed increases each time to be more in rhythm to your song, so don't try to jump right in and do it full speed. I also like how Sara looks at the hands a lot and the joints to fine tune the arms so leading and following can be done! If the arms are all loose, it's tough to get dance as a couple. We were so impressed with our first 4 lessons, that we decided to buy a package and commit to weekly practice schedule. Sara was also adept at listening to our song in detail, and breaking it down to parts so that we can count out what steps/dance fits in to what parts. She asks us what we like and what we don't, but we are now gluing it all together piece by piece so we can start to see a light at the end of the tunnel! I really think it's going to come out great."

Tawny D
Irvine, CA
April 28, 2015

"I discovered Orange County Wedding Dance through my wedding coordinator who gave me a list of vendors she recommended. I am extremely glad I took advantage of the list of vendor and called.

When I called, I spoke with Joe. He was very friendly and helpful, so I decided to book a consultation with him for my fiancé and I. Our consultation was great. We showed Joe our song and learned a few steps for the song's intro. After our first meeting, my fiancé, who initially did not want to do any choreographed dancing, was happy to come back. Our second meeting was even better than the first. Joe taught us at a very good pace and time flew by as my fiancé and I learned moves that we are excited to show our friends and family.

I would recommend Joe if you would like to learn how to dance for your wedding or just because. He is flexible, accommodating, and conscious of wedding related concerns such as budget, time, and attires."

Jay W
Orange, CA
April 27, 2015

"Incredible studio! Sara is fantastic! Need to learn first dance for my wedding, for a person who is not musical at all and cannot even catch a beat, I actually didn't find it too hectic and most importantly enjoying it after our first lesson with Sara. Sara has been very patience and understanding. She start out by asking us about the setup of our venue, the song we choose, what we are expecting, making sure we learn what fit us the most. That made me feel at ease right away, she taught us from the very basic and even made my fiancée wear a long skirt to let me get use to not seeing her toe. Sara is very professional and for the quality of service she did for us, the price is unbeatable! Highly recommended for couple who want to learn the first dance or just enjoy a fun experience with your significant one."

David L
Irvine, CA
April 25, 2015

"My fiancee and I (we get married May 17, 2015) have had two visits with Joe and Sara. The first was a free consultation but included a number of initial steps for our dance.

I was initially quite reluctant about all of this; my fiancee signed me up without asking me, lol. I have never been confident in my dancing, but it was important to me to make this first dance count for my bride-to-be so I went along with it. I was pleasantly surprised by Joe's laid back demeanor and I'M ACTUALLY the one who enthusiastically scheduled the next appointment.

When we returned for our next appointment, Joe had already taken the song we wanted to use and edited several different mix options for us (in order to give us options in length). He had clearly spent time studying the song (not a famous one) and coming up with great ideas that worked with the rhythm.

Sara and Joe both explain things in ways that are easy for beginners like myself to understand, but also clearly know their stuff.

Awesome company, awesome couple!"

Alex F
Irvine, CA
April 17, 2015

"We had a great experience with Joe and Sara. They worked with our budget so that we were able to have a great first dance. Sara was so awesome to work with and very encouraging through out the whole process. We really love the dance that we ended up with!"

Athenaze W
Orange, CA
April 13, 2015

"My fiancee and I don't know how to dance at all, so we thought having first dance lesson will be a must for our wedding! We came in nervous and don't know what to expect. We walked into this huge beautiful studio, Sara and Joe greeted us and made us feel at ease already. Sara asked us detail about the venue, what material the dance floor is made of and how the floor and table will be set up so that we will be facing the audience when we are dancing. She is truly experience and want the best for us! Throughout the lesson Sara have been very patience and taught us the basic step to make sure we get the idea, we found it really fun and can't wait to learn more! Our first lesson is only $20 and I highly recommend it for skeptical people who want to give it a try, you won't regret! We can't wait to go back for our second lesson, Thank you Sara!"

Sylvia L
Irvine, CA
March 23, 2015

"Sara and Joe were amazing to work with! From the beginning to the end my now Husband and I felt comfortable and were confident to show off our new dance moves on our wedding day. These two are able to choreograph any type of dance styles to accommodate your skill level. We had a blast with them and would recommend OC wedding dance studios to any couple that wants to have a memorable first dance!"

Patricia H
Manhattan, NY
March 17, 2015

"Joe has been the most patient instructor ever, and was so nice about rescheduling lessons to fit around my schedule. I started lessons with Joe for the father/daughter dance (we both have two left feet) and he's been a doll! I would drag the fiancè here as well, but he's in New York! I would recommend Joe and Sara wholeheartedly, it's been such a great experience so far and they've been terribly nice and helpful."

Scot L
Yorba Linda, CA
March 7, 2015

"Sara and Joe did an amazing job.  We took multiple sessions for our wedding dance and even did some sessions with our parents. Worth every penny. Sara is very open to creating the dance experience that you want and comes up with lots of creative options."

Sophia C
Irvine, CA
January 6, 2015

"Sara and Joe are awesome teachers, getting people with two left feet (myself) to look graceful on the dance floor. They also make the learning process so much fun.

I was taught my wedding dance with them and now as a wedding planner am very happy to send my clients to them. My clients are always thrilled with their services and give me wonderful feedback.

They are also a pleasure to work with as a vendor. Use them and your wedding dance will look flawless and you'll feel confident on your wedding day. They are also great if you just want to touch up your dance moves for a fun night out."

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