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Dance Lesson Reviews
Yelp (2016)

Every bride and groom dance at their wedding reception. Our goal is to help you feel comfortable and look natural while doing so! We have enjoyed helping all of our couples and look forward to helping you and your fiance too. Please take a moment to see what our brides and grooms are saying about their Wedding First Dance experience with us here at Orange County Wedding Dance.

May M
Irvine, CA
December 22, 2016

"Joe and Sara are extremely talented dance teachers! They transformed me and my fiancé to a dancing machine, and it's going to be an amazing performance in our wedding. Thank you"

Lulu D
Los Angeles, CA
December 22, 2016

"Joe and Sara are so patient and knowledgeable. They taught us actual steps aside before we started dancing so that we could dance to any music. Our last lesson we put what we learned together to make an awesome "show" to put on for our wedding guests. Neither my fiance nor I have ever danced before so everyone will be incredibly surprised and impressed when we get up there and show them all our fancy dance. Five stars, highly recommend OC Wedding Dance's services."

Robert K
Irvine, CA
November 3, 2016

"Sara and Joe are the best. They worked with our schedule and our ability. I took lessons with my fiance and mother so we would look good on our wedding day.  Sara was very patient and professional. She made this virtually painless."

Carrie L
Huntington Beach, CA
November 2, 2016

"JOE was AWESOME! My fiance and I were really nervous about dancing solo in front of all our guests so we decided to get some formal lessons. After reading all the positive reviews, I called the number and Joe answered. It was SO SIMPLE to make an appointment!  As a procrastinating bride, I had 2 weekends left before the wedding and Joe was flexible to accommodate our schedule. We got a private 1-hour lesson, and scheduled for 1 more hour next weekend. He set very clear and achievable expectations for us to learn how to dance. Joe had great analogies on explaining the steps and made it simple for us to understand. He mentions considerations to think of for our wedding that you'd never think of but glad he prepared us (type of shoes, how the dance floor is staged so that your guests will see the best parts of your routine). It was so fun! Thank you, Joe! I highly recommend coming here to learn dancing for your wedding (or any occasion)!"

Kevin D
Garden Grove, CA
October 31, 2016

"We came to seek dance lesson and met the team. They were great. Super helpful and friendly."

Edgardo C
Brea, CA
October 26, 2016

"Joe and Sarah are extremely talented, they gave my fiancé and I the confidence to do a great performance for our first wedding dance. They know their stuff and know how share their gift with others. If your looking for ballroom dancing excellence, look no further this is it!"

Carrie D
Laguna Beach, CA
October 21, 2016

"My fiancé and I are just home from our first dance lesson. We had NEVER danced together until tonight. Our goal was to keep it simple & easy. Neither of us see the need to show off any fancy moves, and we don't have a ton of time for lessons .....but we don't want to look like total newbies. Joe took it slow & easy with us, starting with the basics. By the end of the hour,  we actually had a few moves ....came home & practiced in the living room  Next lesson in a week. THANK YOU JOE!!  - Nick & Carrie (1/21/17)"

Grace B
Irvine, CA
September 22, 2016

"I am a full-time student doing hospital rotations and planning a wedding so I have very tight schedule. I had to reschedule my first dance lesson with this studio three times and I could see this was going to be an issue in the future as well so my fiance and I were very embarrassed and ended up not taking lessons here. Frankly, that might be a foolish reason, but my fiance and I felt guilty wasting their time because they were so patient with us and never showed any sign of frustration. They were great with following up quickly, answering all our questions, and being understanding of our situation.

Well, months down the road, my wedding was coming up and the dance studio sent my fiance and I a kind note, wishing us a wonderful wedding! I was so touched because we hadn't even followed up with dance lessons and they kept our information anyway and wished us a wonderful wedding. The thoughtfulness of the owners at this studio is truly remarkable. I had great customer service with them through and through and this small act just pushed them above and beyond.

I would highly recommend this place to anyone who is looking for a studio that truly cares for their clients."

Costa Mesa, CA
August 28, 2016

"Joe is just fantastic. My fiance was super nervous about doing our first dance, and actually took the initiative to set-up our first dance lesson. Joe was extremely patient, and kept our moves simple but beautiful. Within two lessons, we had our entire first dance choreographed with beautiful spin moves and steps that I did not think in a million years we would master. We felt so comfortable with Joe -- he was always on time, professional, encouraging, and listened to us regarding what we wanted and what we didn't. I didn't feel comfortable doing any lifts, and although he taught us some, he listened to us when we wanted to take it out and instead put in some great spins and twirls that we felt more at ease with. My fiance and I loved this experience so much that we even talked about coming back for dance lessons just for fun. There are so many stresses that can come with wedding planning, but taking dance lessons from Joe was not one of them. SERIOUSLY, he's the best and I cannot wait to dance our first dance at my wedding!!"

Nena S
Irvine, CA
August 25, 2016

"Joe and Sara were really - hands down - so outstanding with choreographing and teaching us our 1st couple's dance for our wedding back in March of this year. Like many guys, my fiance at the time (now husband) was reluctant to take dance lessons, but after we completed our first/introductory lesson, he really enjoyed the experience and was even the one who booked the next lesson! We only had 3 weeks to learn a routine, and Joe and Sara were excellent in choreographing an easy (yet impressive) dance that best fit our dancing "skills". We only were able to book 3 lessons with them given our schedules, but Joe and Sara went above and beyond by extending some of those lessons past the time we were scheduled to ensure we learned and understood the dance moves. We received so many compliments from our wedding guests about how romantic our dance was, how at ease we were on the dance floor, and most of all, how natural the choreography was that we didn't look like we were trying so hard with crazy, professional-level dance moves. Thank you so much, Joe and Sara, for helping us put this extra special touch on our wedding day and giving something extra for our guests to enjoy. The most important take away my husband and I got out of this experience was that taking dance lessons really felt like it brought us closer because we were able to take a break from all of the wedding-planning-chaos to have some quality time and engage in a really fun activity together. I would recommend Joe and Sara to all couples and just about anyone looking to book some dance lessons! Much love to you both!"

Kristina S
Huntington Beach, CA
August 6, 2016

"Joe and Sara are simply the best!!!

I was seriously contemplating removing the first dance from our reception program as I wasn't too excited to stand up in front of everyone and either slow dance in a circle for 4 mins or mess up trying to do anything fancier.

Then we found Joe and Sara on Yelp and decided to give dance lessons a try. After our first lesson we were hooked and couldn't wait to learn more! Joe was so helpful, patient, and fun. He understood my nerves and helped to ensure we felt comfortable and fabulous.

Our first dance was a huge success! All of our friends and family were very surprised and we were so proud of ourselves for performing a dance. Thankfully no one noticed the areas where we messed up and it looked perfect to those in our audience.

**Obvious tip to other brides - do your first dance BEFORE you start drinking champagne!**"

Patrick W
Orange, CA
August 3, 2016

"Want to wow your friends at your wedding with an amazingly choreographed dance that is easy to learn but guaranteed to make jaws drop? Then go no further than Joe's dance studio Orange County Wedding Dance studio. We were on the fence about doing a choreographed first dance up until about 6 weeks before the wedding, and finally pulled the trigger. We were worried we wouldn't be able to learn an interesting dance to our non-traditional first dance song (Young Blood - Naked and Famous) in such a small time window, but Joe made it work!

In just 5 practices he was able to come up with, teach, add, improve, and refine an awesome rumba choreography to the song that got the highest praise on our special day.

Highly recommend this studio for ANY choreographed dance you want to learn, or even if you just want to find a social place to dance!"

Tiffany C
Fullerton, CA
August 1, 2016


We starting searching for our first dance choreographer fairly early (7-8 months in advance) because we knew that we would need time to work on something amazing for our wedding and we were eager to impress! We went through three other potential dance studios and even did 2 trial sessions, but neither suited us very well. We were beginning to lose hope when we did a trial with Sara and loved it. Here's why:

1. Affordable. We did a lot of comparisons, and one-on-one time with a professional dance instructor for the many hours of instruction and practice you will need is not cheap (and shouldn't be, for the service you're getting). Joe was very accommodating for our budget, understanding that weddings cost a down payment on a house and was more interested in teaching us and helping us improve than with making money. What a relief off of our shoulders! For a session or two we didn't have cash on us, and he let us pay the difference the next time around.  They are incredibly understanding. For an estimate of the costs, the first consultation is $20, and we had 12 lessons for $900

2. Flexible. Like I said, we found them early and started dancing early, which was an amazing experience for us because we also have a baby at home, and our dance lessons amidst crazy wedding planning were our "date nights" over the year. It was something we looked forward to. That being said, with a baby, it's very unpredictable when a baby sitter might cancel last minute or how much time you can take off to actually practice. Joe & Sara were both very understanding about last minute schedule changes and were SO GREAT about working around US!  They even let us practice with them the week before the wedding to work out kinks free of charge. "Whatever you two need," Joe said.  So amazing T.T

3. Professional & Talented. Joe and Sara are amazing dancers. I have a newfound respect for dancers after having spent almost 4 lessons learning basic steps and turns and still not always getting it right... Sara is very into the details: where the guests will be sitting, what kind of dress you'll be wearing and what moves will be possible given the circumstances, et cetera.  All of these details will definitely come into play and be important!!! Joe is great at advising on technique. Neither are arrogant or condescending. There were so many times that my husband and I were frustrated and confused because we couldn't get something right and Sara was so patient with us. It is so important to have in a dance instructor someone who understands technique and movement, but also someone who can explain clearly and in terms that their students can understand. (Also important -- teaching the man how to lead!  It's easy to get so caught in choreography that the man doesn't lead)

4. Passionate & Caring.  Dancing takes a lot of trust and a lot of practice. We have come to see that Joe and Sara really have a passion for teaching and for dancing. We can't praise them enough for doing what they do and to have done it for so long. We are so grateful to have spent almost a year working with them on one of the best memories of our wedding and our relationship. We had no idea how to dance, and we danced the viennese waltz at our wedding! Everyone still talks about it and we can't be happier with the results.


Tino R
Irvine, CA
July 14, 2016

"Sara and Joe have been amazing during our preparation for our first wedding dance. Its sad that tonight will be our last session to practice. We cant wait to perform the amazing choreography! Thanks again Sarah and Joe for the memorable experience!"

Katie S
Huntington Beach, CA
July 7, 2016

"Finding Joe and Sara, and scheduling dancing appointments with them was one of the best decisions we made for our wedding. My husband and I have no history of dancing, besides doing the robot, but Joe made sure that we would be fine the day of the wedding. Although we booked our sessions the month of our wedding, we were still able to get 3 sessions in before our wedding which gave us the confidence that we would look half way decent dancing! I  would recommended doing more than 3 sessions, but Joe was able to text us the format of how our dance would go, which was very helpful.

Joe is very patient, and choreographs a dance that can be traditional, classy, fun, and tailored to your own style and preference. They were extremely easy and accommodating to schedule with, and genuinely cared about  us as a couple, and our first dance.

When our wedding came, and it was time for our first dance, everything flowed perfectly to what they taught us...and we had fun doing it! Everybody complimented us on our dance since it was tailored to our style, and it was fun!

Search no more, book with Joe and Sara and you will not be disappointed!!"

Jeffrey S
Buena Park, CA
July 4, 2016

"My fiance and I selected Joe and Sara to get a little assistance with my two left feet before our wedding. We came in a little late, no more than 2 or so months out.  Joe and Sara worked with our crazy schedules, helped us craft a natural first dance, put our minds at ease and even helped edit our song to cut down on length. Every step of their service was phenomenal and I would most certainly go back to them for other dance lessons as the need should arise. Would wholeheartedly recommend them to any couple who wants to put their nerves at ease for their first dance."

Neena T
La Habra, CA
June 30, 2016

"Joe and Sara are awesome!! I can't dance AT ALL, so when I got engaged I knew I had to take dance lessons. We only took 6 sessions and Sara made it so easy and fun to learn how to slow dance! Who knew how much goes into dancing period.  I learned so much from her and our first dance at the wedding was great. Yes we were nervous but probably more nervous about dancing in my ball gown as we only practiced in jeans or shorts! Thank you Sara for helping us feel comfortable and having the patience to teach us! I will recommend you to everyone and anyone I know!"

Jeannie D
Westminster, CA
June 4, 2016

"We had such an amazing experience learning how to dance with Joe n Sara. They are such great instructors, extremely patient and super nice. We learned how to dance our 1st wedding dance in just a few lessons with a well choreographed created by Joe n Sara. Everyone who want to learn how to dance or wish to have Joe and Sara choreograph for your 1st dance, should choose Joe and Sara (Orange County Wedding Dance Studios) because you could never go wrong with these 2 instructors."

Melissa C
Downey, CA
May 31, 2016

"We've loved our dance lessons with Joe and Sarah. Joe is patient with our learning style and he provides effective feedback to improve the flow of our dance. We've learned something new each class and Joe always takes the time to make sure we understand and are comfortable. Joe and Sarah are also very flexible with their scheduling. Both my fiancé and I have hectic schedules and were nervous about being able to schedule classes but it was not an issue here. At the end of each lesson we scheduled our next lesson so it was easy to compare schedules and come up with the best time for the following week. It's been a great experience and I would recommend this studio to my friends and family."

Keith H
Irvine, CA
May 28, 2016

"My fiancé really wanted to take dance lessons and I'm so glad we did! Sara and Joe were awesome and really know what they are doing! I can't wait for the big day and to show off our first dance."

Fontana, CA
May 28, 2016

"Joe and Sara are an excellent and understanding couple! They helped my fiancé and I edit our song multiple times on their own time and never complained about the extra work until I was completely satisfied 100% with the song, length, etc. Joe was extremely patient with us especially my fiancé who had 0 exposure to ball room dancing. He worked with the song we liked and the style we liked even if it wasn't particularly that type of dance for that song. They are very competent at what they do and very flexible. They were able to meet us any time that works best for our schedule and especially coming from NY And staying for only one week they were extremely flexible in every way. They made us feel very comfortable and catered to our needs and interests. They helped us record our dance before I returned to NY so we we can practice it on our own time. They are a great couple and compliment each other. They give positive re-enforcements to each other and to us during practice and were very supportive. We highly recommend them to any newly Weds!  Well be back in July for more!!"

Sunshine M
Pasadena, CA
May 26, 2016

"We have our wedding celebration coming up in a few months. So my husband surprised me one night and brought me to this dance studio! I was so shocked and excited at the same that were officially getting dance lessons. We got to meet Joe and Sara and they both are extremely sweet and happy to choreograph our song. Joe was very patient at our first session and helped us narrow down and pick our song. So far we have gone to a couple sessions and were thrilled with our dance. Joe is very open to our suggestions and incorporates what styles we want. Highly recommend Joe and Sara to choreograph your wedding dance!"

Jennifer H
Lake Forest, CA
May 26, 2016

"We cannot say enough great things about Sara and Joe. From the moment we arrived for our appointment they were so friendly and easy to talk with. We told them our wants and needs for our first dance and they knew exactly what we wanted. Joe started off making us comfortable showing us some basic steps. I was nervous to have dance lessons but Joe made it so fun for both my fiancé and I. I know our first dance will be very memorable with Sara and Joe's help"

Ko K
Irvine, CA
May 21, 2016

"Joe & Sara are absolutely amazing. I don't write many reviews, but felt like I needed to with our experience. My fiancé and were very nervous trying out the dance studio never having done dance lessons before, but Joe and Sara were so accommodating. They started slow and made sure we were comfortable along the way, we already feel so much better about our first dance and have only taken a coupe lessons. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone!"

Nila J
Tustin, CA
May 14, 2016

"Joe was amazing, we just went in to get some practice for our first dance and he was so patient and knowledgable. He started slow and made sure we understood the rhythm in terms we would understand and incorporated it in our steps. He made us feel comfortable and did not push anything on us, we are looking forward to our next lesson. Thank you!"

Danielle W
Newport Beach, CA
May 10, 2016

"Joe and Sara are great instructors! We went to our first lesson not knowing anything and came out with an entire routine for our first dance at our wedding. Can't wait for our next lesson!"

Aimone B
Pismo Beach, CA
May 10, 2016

"My fiancé and I had one lesson with Joe and we had so much fun and learned a lot! We both had zero experience dancing and now we feel totally comfortable having the wedding dance in front of our guests! Great teacher and great atmosphere!"

Denise K
Lake Forest, CA
April 22, 2016

"Joe and Sara are amazing instructors! They are very skilled at what they do. When my husband and I came in and asked for our 1st dance to be choreographed, Joe asked us what kind of dance we were looking for and then listened to the song for the first time and immediately came up with the choreography for our dance. We predominately worked with Joe and let me tell you - he is very patient! My husband and I have two left feet and somehow he made us look like dancers! Sara also helped us perfect some of our form. The two of them make a great team!

Another thing that we liked was that they are not pushy salesmen at all. In fact, they told us to come in and decide later if we would like to take more classes or not. We ended up taking two classes about two weeks apart and practiced a bit on our own between so that we knew what areas we needed more help on on the second meeting. Joe and Sara also recorded us dancing (with and without the instructor) so that we could review it on our own at home in case we forget any of the moves. That was a big help!!

We could not be happier with how our first dance came out and are very thankful we consulted Joe and Sara's services! We would highly recommend them to anyone wanting to learn how to dance or planning a choreographed dance."

Alyssa S
Lake Forest, CA
February 11, 2016

"I would highly recommend Orange County Wedding Dance Studios. I came to Joe and Sara to help with the first dance and the father/daughter dance at my upcoming wedding. We all came in with zero dance experience and some anxiety over dancing in general. Joe and Sara asked questions to get know our wedding and what kind of setting we will be dancing in. They asked questions ranging from what my dress looked like to the setup of the ballroom. They personalized a dance for us from beginning to end even thinking through the fine details like leading me onto the dance floor and where to set down my bouquet.  They tailored the dances to each persons comfort level and strengths. Their teaching style is easy to understand and they had the utmost patience. My dad was dreading having to dance and by the time we left everyone had a great time and we all feel comfortable going into the wedding. Joe and Sara definitely exceeded all expectations. Thanks again!"

Eva R
Chino Hills, CA
January 31, 2016

"Five star rating for a reason! Best wedding dance instructors ever! Joe & Sara are extremely thorough, and after we sent our song over to them, Joe had gone through the song and broken it down to work with us at our second lesson. We talked about where we would walk in, where our guests would be seated, where we would face, size of the dance floor, etc. I had never even thought that we'd need to cover all of these, but of course Joe & Sara knew it all. We went through different moves and they tailored the choreography to suit what we were comfortable with. You don't need a heap of lessons when you have the right instructors! Joe & Sara make it so easy and we are going to get a few more lessons to refine and work on some fancier stuff later. Thanks a bunch Joe & Sara!"

Dislay B
Costa Mesa, CA
January 31, 2016

"I was pretty nervous at first when my fiance told me we needed to do a first dance at our wedding! Finished our second lesson and I am already feeling pretty confident - Joe & Sara are great at what they do and make it super simple for those new to dancing. Thanks Joe & Sara!"

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